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Balem (Cachoeirinha) - Paraiba 
5th October - 10th November

Online booking available soon !
Leszek (Lester) Ziolkowski - ENG/POL
Juliano Saldanha - POR/ENG
Week packages from 7000 BRL/1350 EUR per week
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Balem (Cachoeirinha)  - Tows - Fazenda


Private land farm - 20 minutes by car from Tacima town centre. Towing place is at the private land farm on front of soarable hill. Access with land owner has been negotiatedby Juliano with land owner 


Single tow dirty track.

Shadow tents/gazebos not available at the moment but will be negotiated with local authorities or land owner.


Tacima local guest house. Bed and breakfast options for single or double rooms. 

Tow times:

Between 5:00 hours - 7:00 hours as favourable conditions.  

Runway length

500 meters (Allowing 200-300m tow altitudes) - just enough to connect with hill dynamic soaring lift or go away with first thermal.

Expected conditions (morning)

Cloudbase: 600m asl - 1100m asl at the early morning.

Wind speed: 10 km/h - 45km/h

Thermals strength: 0.5m/s - 3m/s

Our package - what's included !

Preparation list

Once you will book your trip with Us  we will send you detailed checklist to get prepared for long xc flights over dessert terrain. Following the list will help you to stay safe and use wisely your time to get best results.  

Daily take off transfers

We will pick you up from your hotel/guest house and transport to take off at daily basis.

Unlimited retrieve - tracking

We ill observe your tracking device in real time and our driver will follow you to ensure once you landed you could be picked up with no delay. We use proper cars for dirty Sertao road. And we do guarantee you will be back in hotel by next day morning if you willing to fly next day even if you fly very far. 

Airport transfer 

We will pick you up from Fortaleza or Natal airport and will drop you off to airport at no extra charge - (Saturdays and Sundays only) For weekdays airport transfers extra charge might apply

Ground team - FAI Observer 

Our members of the ground preparation team ( 3 people with experience) will help you to prepare your glider and secure it on the plastic protective surface. 

Another person responsible for tow line attachment will check your equipment and will communicate with towing driver to ensure your safety and tow efficiency. Our team pilot Leszek Ziolkowski is former FAI observer ready to sign and validate your tasks.

XC Pickup cold beer

Your well deserved cold beer will be handed to you by driver upor pick up from remote location. Driver also will take photo of your happy face after long flights. 

Preparation presentation. 

Our team pilot Leszek (Lester) Ziolkowski will run for you detailed 2-3 hours presentation to help you get more familiar with local conditions and special techniques. It will cover low save techniques, different airmasses approach, performance flying, convergence flying and many many more. Lester is available for pilots every day for talks and daily briefing and debriefing. 

Unlimited tows

As many tows as you are ready for and conditions are safe usually between 5:00 -7:00. 

Local transport/SIM Card

Local transport to restaurants and bars within range of the town on request. Local data sim card activated and registered. 

Whats not included ! 

Airplane return ticket

Best airport to connect destination is Fortaleza/Natal airport. Ensure your flight over weekend so we could arrange your airport pickup free of charge. Additional charge might apply for weekdays pick up. 

Satellite tracker & subscription

You should be equipped with SPOT GPS or Inreach device with active subscription for your convienience and safety. 


We do not provide accommodation as an package but will help pilots to book best and convenient accommodation in local hotels/guest houses. Accommodation is usually bed and breakfast. Price range is 25-30 euros per night for single room.

Tow bridle

Tow bridle is part of your equipment and should be in your possession for daily tows. Due to strong winds and reverse launch techniques used we recommend to use soft parts tow release to ensure it does not tangle with your other gear during reverse motion. 

Meals and drinks during the day. 

As hotels/guest houses deals are mostly bed and breakfast you don't need to worry about morning option. Other meals  are on your side. During retrieve drivers will look after you and will find you best options to have meal and drinks.

Paragliding equipment

Paragliding equipment wing/harness/reserve and other electronic equipment. 

Leszek (Lester) Ziolkowski - ENG/POL
Juliano Saldanha - POR/ENG
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