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Brasil Assu Paragliding Tow Expedition 2024 - October / November

         We will have few options to choose in 2024 -  from beginning of the October till mid of November. We will be using new locations for towing to give pilots better chances to log 500km+ flights.

Juliano Saldanha - Brasil

Leszek Ziolkowski (Lester) - UK            (English, Polish)


Tacima - PB

Tacima flights.jpg

Accomodation - Guesthouse 'Voo Livre'

Location: 122 km from international airport of Natal city.
Rooms: All with air conditioning - single and double  rooms available.
Breakfast: Special hours for pilots starting at 5am - earlier hours could be negotiated.
Town: Small with very few places like restaurants - bigger towns within 10 mins of drive with better selection of restaurants and shops.


Tacima - Take Off Options

Tacima -  (Option 1) 

Launch site: It is located below the official Tacima launch ramp.

Distance from accomodation: The guesthouse 'Voo Livre': 2.2km (5 minutes drive)!

Available area: 900/1100 meters of space for tow operation!

Observations: The terrain is open and flat  for towing. No presence of obstacles such gates, power lines or fences.


Tacima -  (Option 2)- Aeroposto

Launch site: It is located 1.7 km at the front of the Tacima launch ramp.

Distance from accomodation: The guesthouse 'Voo Livre': 4.1km (7 minutes drive)!

Available area: 550m meters of space for tow operation!

Observations: Some works to clean the launch site/road
 for operating the winches has been provisionally arranged with the town authorities.

Belem - PB - (Cachoeirinha)


Cachoeirinha - Launch

Launch site: Private land farm at the front of the local hill.

Distance from accomodation: The guesthouse 'Voo Livre': 18km (15-20 minutes drive)!

Available area: 500m meters of space for tow operation!

Observations: Some works to clean the launch site/road
 for operating the winches has been provisionally arranged with land owner.

Why Assu ?

Assu is a place with perfect location considering potential for long XC flights due to friendly terrain and massive 500 km+ has been logged from this place already. Unlikely other places is usually smooth and easy with no extreme conditions for tow. 

How much does it cost ?

One week of expedition cost - 8000.00 brazilian reals.

What's included in price ?

 * Fortaleza airport transfer - we will pick you up and drop back ( Weekend days only so remember when booking your ticket).

* Hotel with air con room breakfast included (You will be sharing your room with another pilot - single room is an option at extra price).
* Transport to take off 

* Unlimited tows (As long conditions are safe - usually its getting to stron for tows after 9:30)

* Unlimited km retrieve

* Beach day off from flying if more than one pilot is willing to tak break from flying. 

* Daily briefing / debriefing  if needed. 
What's not included ?

* Airplane return ticket to Fortaleza airport.

* Lunch and other meals / drinks during the day.

Daily schedule:

5:30 - Breakfast in hotel

6:15 - Transport to towing place

6:30-9:30 - Tows

Must have equipment:

*Satellite tracker with active subscription (SPOT/Garmin Inreach)
*3 liter water camel bag container
* Towing bridle.
*Paragliding equipment you feel comfortable in any conditions.

Tips & Tricks:

- Do not use tow bridle with hard sticking release handle as they tending to catch your equipment at reverse launch and do open at this point which is either pleasant or safe.

- Learn basic portuguese phrases ( Dualingo app) to communicate and use google translator with offline features on your phone. 

- When landed remotely and roads are bad try to use local moto taxi or other form of transport to get to the main roads for your comfort and speeding up retrive. It's usually at cost of the petrol and small tip for the locals. 

- Keep in you harness fresh clothes for change. It's not unusual you will get offered to use shower where you landed. 

- Have travel pillow in your harness you can use to sleep during long retrieves. 

- Do not use too much air con in your room - allow your body to adapt for higher temperatures so you can handle more hours and days. 

- Use full face balaclava - way better than any sun cream for such a extreme and long time exposure. 

- Point the drivers to do not speed and use phone while driving - drivers will be told to don't do so but watch them ;). 

- If you do not speak portuguese during retrieve if driver is in your range hand radio to locals so they could help driver to find you more efficient way.

- For food follow drivers recommendation - they usually will help to find good and inexpensive places to eat. 

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