Brasil Assu Paragliding Tow Expedition 2021 - October / November

         We will be based in Assu - Rio Grande do Norte from beginning of the October till mid of November. We will be using two places for towing. One is local airport allowing tows up to 700-800 mts and another option is dried lake bed for much higher tows. 
Juliano Saldanha - Brasil
Leszek Ziolkowski (Lester) - UK
Why Assu ?
Assu is a place with perfect location considering potential for long XC flights due to friendly terrain and massive 500 km+ has been logged from this place already. Unlikely other places is usually smooth and easy with no extreme conditions for tow. 
How much does it cost ?
One week of expedition cost - 7000.00 brazilian reals.
What's included in price ?
 * Fortaleza airport transfer - we will pick you up and drop back ( Weekend days only so remember when booking your ticket).
* Hotel with air con room breakfast included (You will be sharing your room with another pilot - single room is an option at extra price).
* Transport to take off 
* Unlimited tows (As long conditions are safe)
* Unlimited km retrieve
* Beach day off from flying if more than one pilot is willing to tak ebreak from flying. 
* Daily briefing / debriefing  if needed. 
What's not included ?
* Airplane return ticket to Fortaleza airport.
* Lunch and other meals / drinks during the day.
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